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Specialized in the manufacture of plastic pallets and the supply of used ones with high quality

• Plastic pallet with legs that can be removed and installed (block shape)

• The plastic pallet is healthy and has a smooth surface, and it is easy to clean.

• Hygienic plastic pallets are completely sealed with smooth surfaces from high quality raw materials,

• Plastic pallet with 3 legs that can be removed and installed make the pallet can be placed on the shelves, even if the shelves load more than a ton.

Hygienic Plastic Pallets are completely sealed with smooth surfaces meeting the stringent requirements of food, pharmaceutical applications and hypermarkets

• The pallet is easy to install and clean.

• The surface of the plastic is not porous, which means it does not allow dirt, grease and other substances to accumulate on the pallet.

• The plastic used in the manufacture of the pallet prevents unpleasant odor, the plastic pallets are also healthy, reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly. *plastic pallet (hollow shape)

• The plastic pallet achieves the highest value and the most savings with the lowest crushing rates annually, and provides high performance on the shelves with a large bearing capacity on the rakes

• Plastic pallet (flat-shaped) suitable for all types of forklifts and manual loaders - size 80 * 120 cm and height 150 mm, bearing capacity (2 tons moving - 4 tons static) pallet weight 21 kg - with legs that can be removed and installed.

• Used plastic pallets: Used plastic pallets in various capacity are also available

• Used plastic pallets start from 1 static ton up to 3 moving tons.

The department of manufacturing and supplying plastic pallets and boxes

Eng. Zoher Abd El Kader 


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