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About Us

  • We are more than just a supplier of plastic and wood pallets.

  • Specialized in the manufacture of plastic pallets and wood pallets and the supply of used pallets with excellent quality

  • We always strive to provide advanced industrial solutions for plastic and wood pallets

  • We at Al-Amal Company are interested to manufacture plastic and wooden pallets with high quality and at competitive prices.

  • Al-Amal is a leading Egyptian company in the field of plastic and wooden pallets.

  • We manufacture all types of wooden pallets according to the sizes requested by the customer's request, with different bearing capacities, lengths and widths.

  • We manufacture and inject long-life plastic pallets.

  • Supplying and manufacturing high quality plastic boxes of all colors for stores and food companies.

  • We are distinguished by providing the service of crushing large-sized plastic pieces into small sizes that are used immediately afterwards In plastic recycling operations, these pieces can also be washed and stapled when needed

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